“The Manager” a.k.a. “Ticket kid”, that’s how my friends calls me. But my parents gave my name on 16 July 1981. My name is Onur and it’s mean Honor.

Since I born I had one passion, Fenerbahçe. “That’s my life” we can say. I sleep with it, eat with it and even love with it. Fenerbahçe means a lot for me. As I said, Fenerbahçe is my life.

Other than Fenerbahçe, I’m passionate about traveling and photography, so I can be found anywhere, anytime. I love to meet new people all around the world, make friends, and exchange ideas. When you see me at my work, or just walking the streets with my camera, feel free to come up to me and say hello.

This web site designed for share my photographs but on my blog pages, I will share my experience on traveling and I will write about some trend topics.